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Every year, Adobe hosts an open enrollment fair so employees can learn about new benefits and choose their preferred programs and providers. When 2020 rolled around and they weren’t able to gather their community together with all the usual fanfare of a festival, we got to work imagining a new kind of benefits fair, that would go live virtually. By all accounts, sharing news about HR benefits could have taken the shape of a dry digital webinar, but we were determined not to make that happen. While some of information was dense, it was important and had to be effectively communicated to the entire Adobe internal audience. So with that in mind, we planned a program modeled after TV formats designed to entertain: chat shows, late shows and game shows. Our end result was a hybrid of all three.

When the data came in, we achieved an engagement rate of 500% what the stakeholders set as a goal. And the attendee feedback was also off the charts.

The numbers (and comments) don’t lie.

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Besides logging numbers that exceeded all expectations, the Adobe Open Enrollment Show garnered real-time accolades from the toughest audience: employees attending an HR benefits program. One comment after the next rolled in, exclaiming that this was the most unexpected fun they’d had in any work-sponsored event of its kind. Besides being effective and educational, our program succeeded in surprising and delighting the Adobe workforce—an especially meaningful outcome considering the impeccably high standard of creativity at a company known for its incredible internal culture.  

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