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Following the economic crash in 2017, Ireland’s biggest bank needed to shift perceptions from being the root of the problem to being part of the solution. They wanted to speak directly to small business owners in an intimate setting and regain the public trust. With this in mind, we knew we couldn’t position this conversation in a stilted, corporate setting. So we opted for something people everywhere can relate to in their own lives. Many a business has been hatched at a kitchen table. It’s where businesses are born and kept running. It’s also a potent symbol of why we go into business at all: It’s where the family congregate; it’s a node on the web of community, and society. It’s the boardroom of life. So we created this setting, a real-life kitchen, as our stage to host a conversation about building a new generation of future-ready businesses.

Demonstrably shifted public perception of the bank after its toughest years.

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The stage set had a powerful effect. It made the perfect backdrop for the head of AIB to discuss the past, acknowledge failings, and look to the future. There, he, his team, and the audience spoke openly, and shared ideas about how people can build a business that endures. Our amphitheatre stage came complete with a fully functional kitchen that allowed participants to get up and make a cup of tea during the intimate chat. As a result, our audience of 300+ business owners saw AIB not just as a corporate entity but as an ally who will support them on their own journeys to building sustainable businesses. The environment lent credibility to AIB’s message, and created an opportunity to change people’s minds more than any ad campaign. This was an experience that set our audience off on a shared mission, with AIB committing to back them, their businesses, and their shared community.


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