Autodesk European HQ launch


When launching their new EMEA HQ in Dublin, Autodesk wanted to make an impact that would resonate with press and recruiters while announcing 200+ new job opportunities for the city. While the company was indeed new to Dublin in this respect, Autodesk was already deeply embedded in the city’s architectural landscape and landmarks. With that in mind, we designed a launch event that brought key media outlets, new employees, government officials, and internal stakeholders on a Dublin Cityscape Tour led by a professor of architecture.

The launch earned media across the country’s major press outlets, from The Irish Times to RTE.

Creating a press-worthy event


The tour was a nod to Autodesk’s brand promise: that their software can be used to “make anything.” At the new EMEA HQ—a building also designed using Autodesk software—we built a series of revolving wooden framed displays that acted as engaging touchpoints, showing software drawings, models, and finished buildings that have been created using Autodesk software, including international Autodesk offices. The story that broke in the media reflected the message that we had crafted: that Autodesk wasn’t starting afresh in Dublin, but actually taking its natural place in the city. The heritage story elevated the event from something like a ribbon-cutting ceremony to a true brand experience, showcasing the company’s products and promise, and its existing influence on a world-class city.

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