Creating a virtual event for GBx

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Brits by the Bay is an annual summit that pairs luminary British founders from Silicon Valley with the most promising startups from the UK. Typically a multi-day program and gala ceremony in the Bay, the event was under threat of shutting down as a result of the pandemic. So we created a virtual event for 2020.

We branded, planned, designed, curated, produced and managed a 3-day virtual event with creative interactions and over 150 breakouts with founders.

Creating a 3-day event from scratch

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While the obvious solution was to build a virtual event with live streamed sessions and prerecorded content to share, what felt most essential was the need to present a compelling brand identity. When GBX had hosted Brits by the Bay as a live gathering, networking circles activated and promoted the event. Now that it was going digital, it had to complete with a slew of online conferences when audiences the world over were experiencing extreme screen fatigue.

We knew we had to set the event apart and communicate a truly premium experience and the deeply valuable insights from the top echelon of British founders at GBX. With that in mind, we designed a stunning new identity for the event, using a pop art approach to topographical representations of the two markets. This new brand look elevated the proposition considerably, and the videos we made to promote the event broke through the noise, bringing new founders into the fold. The event exceeded all expectations, with glowing reviews from stakeholders and attendees alike, setting a high bar for first ever virtual event of its kind.


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