An experiential activation for Google AI

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Cogs & Marvel created an experiential activation for Google in Zurich to showcase the positive benefit of AI to everyone, and to reiterate Google’s investment in AI research in EMEA. The event was targeted at journalists so it was important to challenge typical conference conventions and to make content accessible and exciting.

Creating & designing an immersive AI experience and conference for key influencers.

Bringing AI to the average home

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We transformed the event space into a home, full of AI-powered experiences. Guests could experience voice activation lights in the living room, cooking recipe tips from AI in the kitchen, and AI-powered voice typing in their office. It also demonstrated the AI features of the new Pixel 4 phone. Attendees could wander the set and learn as they go. Each experience came with storytelling about how Google’s AI is powering these moments, and the impact it is having in our everyday world, from critical services like earthquake detection, to everyday uses like controlling your home heating and using Google Lens.

Google’s AI principles are helping to guide safe and useful AI everyday, making ordinary things better, faster and easier. The showcase demonstrated how AI is already in action everywhere, from medical diagnoses to Google Translate and live transcription on the new Pixel 4. This technology is already improving lives, increasing productivity, and shaping the future.

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