A Valentine's poem from Google

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OneDublin is an org within Google that is the supportive foundation of the Google Dublin workforce. They asked us to send a warm Valentine’s Day message to its Dublin workforce, finding a way to invoke nostalgia for the storied city itself. While the original request suggested a commissioned piece from a spoken word artist, timing was tight to develop an original work befitting the intent. Instead, we suggested another idea: the recitation of an established, classic Irish poem by a contemporary artist, set against the background of the urban waterfront landscape. ‘On Raglan Road’ is a classic love poem by Patrick Kavanaugh from the 1940s, which was later adapted to music by the Dubliners in the 1980s. It has since been adapted and performed by many of the most prominent Irish musicians. We set the stage on alleyways in historic Temple Bar, colored by street art and depictions of Irish heroes and cultural figures, and partnered with our friends at Collective Film to deliver this simple, but stunning piece. 

The tight timeline goes to show that good creative always starts (and ends) with strong storytelling. We didn’t need big budgets or big set design. The piece was stronger for having neither of those things. The timeless words of a beloved poem, recited in a bleak winter landscape, with a hint of snow falling, was all we needed to celebrate Dublin and her rich tradition of language and lyric. The performer, Natalya O’Flaherty is a rising star in the spoken word scene, as evidenced by her command of the cadence and tone. She has been commissioned by RTE, The Late Late Show, and performed at major festivals across Ireland and abroad.



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