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After 21 years, HP decided to move their operations in Ireland back to the US, so they wanted to host a job fair to assist their employees in finding new roles. With about 1,000 people affected, many of whom had been with HP for many years, the challenge was to bolster confidence and maximize results for the employee population. Individuals across all departments were already well-informed about the other companies with a local presence, so we didn’t need to present the recruiters to the staff; we needed to present the HP staff, and their unique skills, to the recruiters. We wanted each team member to feel motivated, confident, and experienced, so that they were the ones who could choose. We designed an experience that would highlight each person’s unique story so rather than just being ‘HP engineer’, it would be Mike or Sarah with 10 years’ experience at HP. That way, we could showcase the employees themselves so the recruiters would be the ones competing for them.

Matched over 200 team members with prospective employers to help them land new jobs.

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We created a digital thumbprint for each HP employee featuring their personal stories along with their CVs. We also skipped big corporate branded booths, opting instead for intimate tables and breakout spaces for private chats. It was all about connecting in a meaningful way. The result was a networking opportunity where the employees felt in charge. The energy was palpable and the room was designed so everyone would engage, mingling in the mix of recruiters and hiring managers. Employers commented that they discovered a wealth of talent and HP employees left feeling empowered and with clarity of vision about their next moves.

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