A hybrid live & virtual event for Adobe Field Trip


As the world retreated to shelter in place, Adobe wondered whether they could continue forward with their popular Field Trip event on campus, for employees and their families. The live event always featured tactile learning, art and STEM projects, so simulating that experience virtually was no small challenge. We erased all preconceptions of what the event had been, and started with a fresh canvas and a multidisciplinary team of designers, storytellers, technologists, filmmakers and producers to shape something truly original for the new landscape - a hybrid live and virtual event.

We designed a weeklong narrative journey that came alive across 12 countries, multiple timezones, and 7 languages through filmed, live and virtual content.

Creating an interactive virtual story


We set out to create an ambitious program of rich, original content for product learning, wellness, interactivity, and play. But what was immediately clear was that housing it all on a passive website would feel flat. So we designed and built an app that served as a remote control to the whole guided experience. Each day, the app welcomed guests back into the story, with a theme for the day and recommended programming that tied into the narrative. With over 5,000 registrants across the organization, this first foray into hybrid content and connection ushered in an exciting new way of connecting the global workforce.

Let's collaborate
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Joanna Olszowski - USA and Asia
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