That Lady Thing: Rising Like a Phoenix


In 2018, "a pop-up with purpose" called That Lady Thing made a splash tackling serious gender equality issues by posing provocative questions juxtaposed against fun, Instagrammable backdrops that captured the spirit of the #metoo moment. International Women’s Day weekend 2019 presented a tall order: offer a fresh, thought-provoking follow-up to the previous year’s one-of-a-kind, widely acclaimed gender equality pop-up event, That Lady Thing.

The second edition of this activation earned media in AdWeek, Dwell, Campaign and more.

Creating a pop-up with a purpose


With That Lady Thing: Rising Like a Phoenix, our team turned it up a notch, offering deeper, more engaging content at legendary rock n’ roll hotel, The Phoenix, a women-managed venue from hotelier, Liz Lambert, in the heart of San Francisco.

Our purposeful pop-up sparked conversation and opened minds with new installations and performances from transgender, chart-topping recording artist, Lafemmebear and the all-female Taiko drum troupe, Dance Brigade and it included self-defense workshops, led by grassroots women’s organization, Malikah. Attendees discussed women’s health and wellness issues with product partners Nixit and Nurx, and personal pleasure with Quim and mobile design factory, Crave. New installations included the “Raise Her Up” seesaw, the crowd-pleasing “Pink Tax” game show, and a series of proceed-at-your-own-risk scratch-and-sniff wallpaper designs, highlighted by the gasoline-tinged “Toxic Masculinity” banana print.

But perhaps the most important addition was our first-time admission to the next generation of empowered women, fierce young ladies under 21-years-old, reinforcing a sense of confidence, possibility and equality as they grow up.

And the world took notice

And attendees felt the energy.

Energized by the amazing women’s empowerment pop-up, That Lady Thing. --
I am overwhelmed with empowerment and pride. I am re-energized, so inspired, and can’t wait for more. -- @graphicdesignwoman


I was surprisingly emotional today. Having a daughter only fuels my desires to stand-up for women’s rights x1000. -- @jennycandy

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