YouTube Digital Dinners


Youtube is a platform centered around its diverse community of creators. And when the global pandemic hit, it wasn’t possible to convene those creators as would typically happen in an effort to build their community, introduce them to one another, and create a rich space for them to learn from and inspire each other. With that in mind, we conceived, planned and executed a Digital Dinner Series, which brought creators together around topics and content they care about, curating occasions where they could gather virtually, and enjoy a meal and conversation. We convened leading voices around rich communities like Pride and Youtube Black, as well as gathering groups around topics like gaming and wellness. 

While we couldn’t bring the creators together in person, as we might have otherwise, we took the creative challenge of supporting them and building community through an inventive program that offered moments of social gathering and critical conversation, in a time when so many were losing so much. What began as a single round of the dinners grew into a yearlong activation, celebrating the heart and soul of the Youtube platform: its community of creator talent, who largely define and shape today’s culture. With a brand identity all its own and custom animations, we elevated the everyday online engagement to a colorful series that fostered meaningful connections and created a lifeline in a deeply challenging time.


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