YouTube came to us asking to plan a conference event around the ease of making video content to be followed by a dinner reception for 300+ people. Our philosophy is that every aspect of an experience should be measured against the idea driving that event, and that a brand’s strategy can be understood as well in a social setting as in a conference keynote. So we devised a hybrid concept that would leave attendees with a simple idea: that creating a video ad is as easy as cooking a meal and can be accomplished in the time it takes to eat one.

We shot, cut and edited a slick ad over the course of a pop-up dinner to teach tips to users.


We held a two-day digital marketing conference hosted by one of the world’s leading video-sharing platforms for 300 marketing leaders from across EMEA. The conference focused on advances in the industry, new and upcoming advertising streams, and the ever-increasing importance of video in a successful marketing campaign. To accompany this, we wanted to create an unforgettable evening event. Creating a video ad might seem like it would take a lot of time and money, something only big brands could afford. We wanted to build on what the attendees had learned throughout the conference day, to demystify the advertising platform, and to show digital marketers how easy making video ads can be.


We brought the 300+ attendees to Airfield Estate and immersed them in a “Field to Fork” experience – taking them through the working farm, leading them to a marquee gala dining venue. Three celebrity chefs – Clodagh McKenna, Rozanna Purcell, and Adrian Martin – each prepped a course of the meal while the film crew interacted with the chefs and attendees, capturing footage all the way. Then, while the guests enjoyed their meal, the footage was edited and unveiled following dessert.

The attendees left knowing how easy creating a video ad can be, and having been immersed in an unforgettable culinary experience.


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