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We are a live and digital brand experience agency.

What we do

We create live and digital brand experiences. Why? Because connecting people, products, and stories around brand values creates lasting impressions. Now more than ever, we’re rethinking what’s possible and shaping fresh ways to create conversation, connection, and collaboration. Our approach is always to ask ourselves how we can create a better engagement between brands and their people—whether that’s clients, customers, partners, or employees. With this framework, we deliver end-to-end experiences that are rooted in strategy and animated by story, executing every detail to exacting perfection. 

Our mission is simple,

we use a unique blend of left brain logistics and right brain creativity to connect brands with their audiences.

What we believe

We believe that solid strategy and smart storytelling create meaningful content that connects on an emotional rather than transactional level. When your brand resonates in a human way, it inspires long term loyalty and trust. 

Gone are the days of one-off events designed to blast your logo, deliver the elevator pitch, or sweet talk your employees. Today, it’s about truly understanding your audience, so you can rally people around your brand truth, matching their values with your objectives. 

We also believe that, by paying attention to every tiny detail, we can create a seamless experience from invitation to activation.


How we do it

It’s one thing to come up with amazing experiential ideas. It’s another to make them happen. We do both—around the clock, around the globe. The fact is, we are a logistical powerhouse. Besides creating, producing and building experiences across the globe, we also design and manage the entire audience journey from digital to destination. We realized early on how important it is to execute with precision, where every detail matters, and today we have a team that does it for some of the biggest clients in the world; and in the past 12 months we did it in over 89 cities across four continents. No matter what event experience you require and where, we make it all happen, seamlessly.

Let's collaborate
Robyn Church - Europe
[email protected]

Joanna Olszowski - USA and Asia
[email protected]

Calydon House
Rockfort Avenue
Co. Dublin
+353 1 290 0000

220 Sansome Street
Suite 1100
San Francisco, CA 94104
+1 415 630 4107

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